Medicine and Healthcare in the Carolingian World (May 14th, 2021)

Pseudo Apuleius: De herbarum medicaminibus, Mitte 9. Jahrhundert, Kassel, Universitätsbibliothek, Landesbibliothek und Murhardsche Bibliothek 2° Ms. phys. et hist. nat. 10, fol. 37v

For a long time, scholars declared that medicine and healthcare in the Latin West degraded in the period after Late Antiquity. Only from the 11th century onwards with the so-called School of Salerno in southern Italy and the translation of Arabic writings they had ‘flourished’ again. Until today, little attention has been paid to the fact that, especially in the 9th century, a renewed interest in medicine and healthcare is evident form a variety of sources. The workshop is addressed against the prevailing narrative of degradation or mere ‘renovatio’ of antiquity by focusing specifically on the innovations in the field of medicine that were manifest during the Carolingian period.

Claire Burridge: Global Horizons in Early Medieval Medicine: The Movement of materia medica in the Carolingian World

Meg Leja: Doctors Without Borders: Professional Identities in the Early Middle Ages?

Online Workshop, May 14, 3-5pm. If you wish to participate, please contact Theresa Holler at theresa.holler (at)