Corinne Mühlemann

Within Global Horizons, Corinne’s current research project The Goods of the Earth (ḏaḫā’ir al-dunyā) focuses on the processes of making three kinds of artifacts: textiles, ceramics and metalwork within the pre-Mongol Islamic marketplaces. She analyzes and compares written Islamic legal sources like the Ḥisba-manuals together with extant artifacts. Her research will contribute to an understanding of how pre-Mongol marketplaces and their artisan-craftsmen were organised and how knowledge and information concerning (loom) technology, patterns and their notation systems were transferred between Baghdad and al-Andalus.

Corinne studied Islamic studies and Art History in Zurich and Bern, with a special qualification in the History of Textile Arts. During her PhD (financed by the Swiss National Research Foundation) she has focused on the use of Islamic textiles in the eastern Mediterranean and Central Asia during the late 13th and early 14th centuries.